Will You Be My Bridesmaid?

One of my favorite parts of my engagement and wedding planning has been asking my close friends to stand up with me on the big day.. Pre-engagement, I had aspirations to do an elaborate “Will you be my bridesmaid” proposal, but post engagement, I just wanted something that felt authentic and well, if I’m being honest, in my budget.  

Proposal Planning: The Who & The How?

Picking who your bridesmaids are can be hard because the last thing I wanted to do was make anyone feel “less than,” or “not as important” to me as the women I’ve asked to be a bridesmaid. I actively decided to choose my friends who knew me and Albert the best as a couple. After all, the point of bridesmaids are the women who are your “first response” in terms of supporting your marriage. They’re your witnesses, your confidantes, and most importantly, they love you and your partner to be.

For my “will you be my bridesmaid” proposals, I chose a simple approach with some fun surprises in tow. I called every one of my bridesmaids and asked them if they would do me the honor of being my bridesmaid. I stressed to each of them that if they didn’t have the time, finances, or life was too chaotic right now, they could one thousand percent say thank you, but no. As a bridesmaid several times now, I’m well acquainted with the financial component that goes alongside the title. So, for this reason, I wanted to be extra sensitive to all of my girlfriends and let them know, “hey if this is the last thing you need on your plate right now, trust me girl, I understand.” I was lucky enough that each of them said yes!

Next, I gave each of them a box of gifts I put together that included: a cute straw, mini champagne bottle, cute socks (for the day of) and a “Will You Be My Bridesmaid” Pinch kit. Full transparency, two of them still need to be delivered (sorry Mary and Amanda!!!), but it’s high on my to-do list.  It was a simple ask but one that also came with a hand written note from my telling them how much they meant to me. Budgeting wise, I chose to put more funds into their bridesmaid gifts for the big day, and I’m so excited to surprise them with some fabulous finds on October 19th.

Be True To You

My advice to a new bride who is about to ask her wedding party would be this: stay true to yourself, be authentic, and just make people feel special. As fun as the gifts and mini champagne bottles are, it’s more about sharing your wedding day with the community you built than it is about the matching socks or boxes of Sugarfina gummies.

Don’t get me wrong though – Sugarfina is delicious. But a genuine bridesmaid proposal has a slightly sweeter taste.  

Kristin Byrne is a Chicago native and corporate retail professional who has worked in the industry for the past six years. Known to friends and family as KB, she is a lifestyle writer who focuses on being a modern woman. When she’s not wedding planning, you can find her hosting a party or quoting her idol, Leslie Knope. Life-long dream? Meet the REAL Lil’ Sebastian.

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