Patio Design Tips

Summer is finally in full swing and if you are lucky enough to have some outdoor space at your home, I’m here today to give some tips on how to set it up to ensure you’re living your best patio life.

Make room for grilling

Typically with my clients, I like to fit in both a lounge area and a dining area as long as space permits.  Here in the city, we’re usually a little more limited when it comes to outdoor dining space, but when there’s room, we tuck in a grill with at least a dining table for two.  Keep in mind, the higher up you are, wind can be an issue.  I love selecting pieces that have open faces so wind can pass through easily.  For example, some woven dining chairs like these from CB2 add some interesting visual texture and have plenty of openings to let wind pass through so they aren’t constantly knocking over.  For tinier balconies in the city, I like to tuck in two chairs and a bistro size table so that my clients still have space for their grill.  For larger patios or backyards, I pull in a larger table with an umbrella to really create an outdoor dining area.

Creating ambiance

If you’re planning to use your patio in the evenings more than the daytime, try stringing some “fairy lights” across the top of your patio to give a romantic and cozy feel to the space.  Another way to make the space feel like an outdoor room is to lay an outdoor rug underneath everything.  Again, this is better for larger spaces, but the same way an area rug works inside, this will instantly ground the space and create a defined zone.  West Elm has some great options to choose from in a variety of sizes.

Lounging is a must

The other part of the outdoor space should be for lounging.  My selections for this vary depending on what my client wants to use the space for.  If you’re planning to layout in the sun with a book every weekend, your best bet is a chaise lounge or if you have the space, a daybed.  I love to surround these with a drink table and plants to add functionality and make them feel like their tucked into with nature, despite being in the middle of the city.

If you plan to use the lounge space for cocktails with friends, you might consider outdoor lounge chairs and a sofa with a coffee table instead.  I still apply the same rules of mixing in some plants and grounding the space with an outdoor rug.  To make the space even cozier, I like to tuck in candle lanterns on the floor to give a cozy glow (and you can use citronella candles to keep bugs away).  I still prefer open weave furniture if you’re high up to keep things from blowing away, or you can just be sure to tie the furniture down so that it can’t move.

I hope these tips give you guys some fun ideas for your outdoor space, no matter the size!  Enjoy the rest of your summer!

Devon began her career in design while working at an architecture firm during high school. She went on to each a Bachelor of Science in Architecture from Northeastern University, followed by a Masters of Art in Interior Design from Suffolk University. With a background in both architecture and interior design, Devon looks at spaces holistically and creates designs that are cohesive to tell a clear story about their users.

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