Meet Gillian | Girl Meets Party’s Newest Intern

We’re introducing our newest social media intern, Gillian! She has the best energy, and we are so excited to have her on the team!

Hi, Gillian! Tell us more about yourself!

Hi, I’m Gillian! Originally from Metro Detroit, I am currently studying Public Relations and Advertising here in Chicago. I’m always on the move trying to experience new things, and am always up for an adventure. There’s never a shortage of new things to do in Chicago! 

What do you work on at Girl Meets Party?

Right now I’m in charge of a lot of the Instagram planning, posting, and commenting. I also plan and post on our Facebook page during the week! 

Tell us about your favorite hobby and why it inspires you.

I’ve been obsessed with learning new languages since I was in high school. I spent around six years learning Spanish in school, but I started trying to teach myself Italian and Portuguese about two years ago. Since visiting Munich over the summer, I’ve become obsessed with learning German! Being able to communicate in another language just opens up your world to so many more people and connections, and it also has a lot of mental health benefits! 

What’s your favorite meal or restaurant?

My mom makes the most incredible coq-au-vin. It’s this French dish made with chicken, tomato juice, white wine, and veggies. It probably doesn’t sound super appealing but I swear I would drive the 6 hours home to Michigan in an instant just for this. 

Cupcakes or donuts?


What’s your word of the year?

Change. In the last year, I’ve lived in 4 different cities, transferred schools, visited 7 countries, and drove across the country. It’s been a wild rollercoaster but I am so happy with where I am now, and have learned to embrace the crazy things life throws at me. 

What are you excited to work on?

I’m super pumped to help out with all the events going on at the new Girl Meets Party studio! 

Tell us about your dog! 

Omg. So her name is Mia, she is a one-year-old Australian Labradoodle puppy, and she is my favorite thing in the entire world. She’s a sweetheart and wants to be friends with everyone, and if you give her bacon you’re basically her new best friend. 

Photo by Elizabeth Danielle Photography

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