Bright Spring Brunch

Huhtamaki, Inc. makers of the Chinet® brand is sponsoring this post. All thoughts and opinions are my own. Thank you for supporting the brands I love because it keeps Girl Meets Party going!

Chicago winter always feels like it lasts a year, so a bright spring brunch is in order to celebrate another year of surviving it! I love a good brunch (especially now that I’m in bed so early with a 6-month-old). Daytime parties are much more fun at the moment! Designing something that’s beautiful yet easy to clean up is key, which is why I love the Chinet® Cut Crystal® collection.

The Chinet Cut Crystal collection is made of premium plastic. It’s super sturdy yet stylish. I love how the swirl pattern pops over my gold chargers. It’s a fun way to utilize the beauty of a charger in a new way. I decided to run the napkin underneath the plate too to add another fun pop of color, which is so springtime. In the winter, everything feels so heavy and neutral. Springtime calls for fresh, light and bright colors.

Since we’re still in our condo, storage is key because let’s be honest—we don’t have a ton of space. That’s why I also love the host-ready container that the Chinet Cut Crystal® collection cutlery comes in. It makes setting the table for a bright spring brunch easy-peezy!

One of the common pieces of feedback I always get from friends or clients is, “I don’t know how you do it all. I can’t imagine setting the table, making the food and cleaning everything up when hosting.” Anyone can host a party. It’s important to figure out what you love about hosting and run with it. To me, I love setting a beautiful table and I hate the cleanup. That’s why the Chinet Cut Crystal collection is perfect for me. I’ve used Chinet plates for other showers, like my Thai-themed shower from a few years back, but the Chinet Cut Crystal collection brings it to a new level. I love how clean and elegant the product looks.

So, who else is up for hosting? The Chinet Cut Crystal collection turns even the non-planner into the ultimate host!

Affectionately known to her friends as Millennial Martha for her love of DIY and decorating, Jen can’t help but pour her heart + soul into everything she touches. She’s loved to entertain since acquiring a table and chairs, and giving gifts is one of her favorite hobbies. Jen is the creator of Girl Meets Party. Her dream is to share her passions with the world in hopes to inspire others by making the seemingly unattainable attainable.

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