How To Plan Your Honeymoon (or at least start)

Kristin’s wedding dictionary reads:

Honeymoon (n.) a rewarding vacation for planning the best love filled party this side of Chicago

Honeymoon (n.) the light at the end of the wedding planning tunnel

Honeymoon (n.) a chance to reconnect after the whirlwind of seeing everyone you know in one room and rest those dance feet

However you define it, planning your honeymoon is one of the few events leading up to the wedding where the only opinions that matter are yours and your significant other’s. How refreshing, right?

My fiance and I are still deciding between two locations and what would be two very different experiences. Just when you think the planning is paused, there’s always something new to consider. Much like the wedding, we’ve had to sit down and ask ourselves, what do we want out of our honeymoon? While we work through our checklist of narrowing down on the perfect honeymoon plan, I couldn’t help but think this could be helpful to my fellow brides out there too! So,  I wanted to share with you the top things to consider when planning the afterword to your wedding.

Travel or relaxation?

This is an important one to tackle early on in the honeymoon planning process as it can also dictate WHEN you take your honeymoon. I’ve reached out to many a wedding veteran through the wedding planning process.  Most of my friends say that after the wedding, all you want to do is relax. While some may be up for the adventure of a lifetime post-nuptials, be realistic with yourself and your partner on how you’ll be feeling afterwards. More and more people are having “mini-moons” to give themselves some time away to relax and then a few months later taking off on the grand honeymoon.

Will we jet-set or road trip?

What does time away look like for the pair of you? It’s easy to feel like you have to take this huge glamorous trip (because everyone else on Instagram is doing it) but do what feels authentic to the both of YOU! If you two prefer a road trip with Steak N’ Shake pit stops and want to see the Grand Canyon, then girl you do you! Want to jet off to Greece? Heck yes! Whatever it is, just keep a pulse check that you two are choosing what will be the most enjoyable time for the pair of you, not just the vacation social media subtly suggests you have. 

What does our budget allow?

Even after the wedding, you still want to stick to a budget. Post honeymoon and wedding, real life awaits, and you don’t want to return home with an iPhone full of memories and an empty bank account. Be realistic and don’t stretch yourself too thin. The memories come from the two of you – time and place, well that’s just gravy.

Those are the big things I’m trying to keep top of mind right now, even though it’s hard!  Stay tuned for another update and hopefully a final decision on where we’ll be heading! I have a feeling it’s not where anyone will expect 😉

Kristin Byrne is a Chicago native and corporate retail professional who has worked in the industry for the past six years. Known to friends and family as KB, she is a lifestyle writer who focuses on being a modern woman. When she’s not wedding planning, you can find her hosting a party or quoting her idol, Leslie Knope. Life-long dream? Meet the REAL Lil’ Sebastian.

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