Investing in Branded Headshots and Why

When’s the last time you had a professional photo taken of yourself?  High school?  Your engagement?  Your wedding?  It’s important to have up-to-date branded headshots of yourself for professional networking sites and any publications.  If you’re cropping others out of your photos, it’s time to invest in branded headshots.

Who should invest in branded headshots?

Everyone!  We’re not joking here.  Whether you work full-time, part-time or volunteer, you’ll need a headshot at one point.  Why not have one that’s a beautiful picture of yourself that makes you feel confident?  If you take family photos every year, try to make it a priority to get a few branded headshots of yourself.  If not, I highly recommend having new headshots taken at least every two years.  At Girl Meets Party, we frequently take branded headshots, which includes our contributors.

Why should you invest in branded headshots?

It’s important to have a clean headshot you can use for professional purposes.  It’s important to have a proper headshot ready in case you win an award or are announced to a new team because you’ll need a photo on short notice.  Headshots are also perfect for portfolios, ‘about me’ sections on a website, and social media profile pictures.

Who do you need to hire?

You’ll want to hire a professional photographer.  Lauren Michelle Photography is one of our go-tos and we’re also a fan of Belen Aquino Photography.  I also recommended getting your hair & makeup done.  If you’re going to pay a few hundred dollars for a professional photographer, don’t you want to look and feel amazing?  I’m so excited to share that we’re partnering Milian Bonillo on our upcoming Girl Meets Party contributor headshots.  Her work is STUNNING!  I also love working with Bianca Sansosti Artistry – Bianca is a dream to work with.  If you’re getting your hair & makeup done, make it a fun night out with girlfriends or your significant other.  Invest in yourself and you’ll be happy you did with the result.

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