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I’m back with this week’s update on all things wedding! With our wedding now five months away, my focus has shifted from the wedding preparation to the wedding send-off. Just the thought of all of our closest friends and family traveling near and far to celebrate us makes me speechless with gratitude. I have no idea how I will ever be able to thank everyone, but a good first step is planning out our wedding favors right? My thoughts exactly!

While I’m not revealing exactly what we’ve chosen just yet (still brainstorming over here!), I’m going to share our top 3 contenders and how each one came to be.

1. Garrett’s Popcorn gift bags

Our wedding is a true “Chicago” wedding. From Chicago dogs to adding Chelsea Dagger to our “must plays” for our wedding playlist, we are not without our city pride. So naturally, we want to share this with our guests. Since over half of our guests are from out of town, we want to offer them a piece of our home (and favorite city) to either serve as a midnight snack or an airplane munch. Garrett’s does a fabulous job of offering wedding focused packages for events, and you can even choose the kind of “mix” you want! Our vote? Chicago mix all the way baby! YUM! Also who doesn’t love an excuse to use fun puns? So far I’m loving, “Thanks for popping by!”

2. Drinkware/Barware

Not only is this favor incredibly useful, but who doesn’t wish they had an extra bottle opener lying around? Other personalized items such as cozies, flex cups, tumblers, and so on are always great favors as they provide a purpose long after everyone has gone home, along with serving as a tiny keepsake for each guest. I love this idea because it’s the opportunity to offer your guests a custom gift, and for destination weddings, it’s also a personalized souvenir. A favor like this really lets you put that wedding hashtag to good use! My favorite vendor for these fun products is Ann Page. AP drink ware is always top quality, and the color options are endless. After all, I never miss the opportunity to color coordinate – cheers to that! 🥂

3. Donation

There is something beautiful about giving back to the community in the name of those you love. In lieu of getting favors, we love the idea of making a donation to the charity or organization of our choice in the name of our wedding guests. Not to be a complete cheese ball – but this is really the gift that keeps on giving. You have the option of making a donation in the name of your guests, in memory of a loved one, or you can spread it out among several charities that mean something to you and your fiancé. Almost every charitable organization has an online option for this, and it’s easy to fill out and submit electronically. To communicate this to your guests, have a framed sign that reads what you and your partner chose in lieu of favors with details about the charity and why you chose it. Everyone will feel a part of the donation and learn more about why this charity is meaningful to you both as a couple.

That is the latest for now my friends! Would love to hear your votes as to which one is your favorite! If you have any other ideas (like these custom labels), please share in the comments below.

Kristin Byrne is a Chicago native and corporate retail professional who has worked in the industry for the past six years. Known to friends and family as KB, she is a lifestyle writer who focuses on being a modern woman. When she’s not wedding planning, you can find her hosting a party or quoting her idol, Leslie Knope. Life-long dream? Meet the REAL Lil’ Sebastian.

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