Your Wedding Registry: The Where & The Why

Alright y’all. We’re a little over two hundred days out from the big day and I have to say, so far I feel like things are moving along pretty smoothly. The biggest, and most intimidating part of this process so far comes down to one thing: the wedding registry.

From the moment we got engaged, friends and family alike have been asking us where we are registered – and I’ve felt so behind having to say, “well nowhere really yet…” But as we are wrapping up the design of our wedding invitations (new post on this coming soon) I can finally focus on the fun part – where shall we go for a day of scanning and dinner party decor dreams?

My married girlfriends have been a huge help in guiding me down the road to our wedding day and I am endlessly grateful. So to all of you – thank you, thank you, thank you. Now onto the three go-to retailers for our wedding registry:

Williams Sonoma

The down low: Such a fun part of being engaged are the extra special events you get to attend! Williams Sonoma does just this as they host  private events for couples to attend so they can register without the hustle and bustle of a busy store on a Saturday. This is how I came to register with them as I attended a (wouldn’t you know it) Girl Meets Party hosted event with them about a month ago. The sales associates could not be more helpful and their elevated decor had me drooling over everything marble. I actually begged my fiance to let me buy some stuff right then and there, but he kept me in check. A lot of their merchandise comes with a monogram as well, which I love. You’re coming into a new last name so why not get the marble cutting board that comes engraved with your new initial? Right? Right.

What to get here? Key statement pieces and quality kitchen accessories that you plan on having for at least five years. WS is definitely at a higher price point, so keep your registry diversified for your guests. Marble pieces, mixed metals, and plating are my focus in registering here because with the high quality that WS offers, they’ll be in my home for years to come.


The down low: I mean it’s Target, need I say more? Target offers a great wedding registry program and if there’s something you end of not getting from your list, they offer you 15% off everything left on your list following the big day. SIGN. ME. UP. Got the wrong color in that mixing bowl because no one really understood how badly you wanted to mint green instead of the black? No worries! Target allows you to easily exchange registry gifts for up to ONE YEAR after your wedding. Y’all… once again Target has captured my heart.

What to get here? OK so I know it’s Target and it’s basically the candy store for all things home decor, but I would focus on getting the basics (think mixing bowl – items that are fun to have but you don’t need the culinary chef level one just yet), and a few trendier pieces here. Want that rose gold fruit bowl? Target is the place to get it with their affordable prices and the quality shelf life that will match the trend itself – 1-2 years and then onto the next.

Bed Bath & Beyond

The down low: Remember those scenes in movies where the bride and groom are scanning their hearts away leading up to the big day? This is the kind of experience Bed Bath & Beyond delivers. You can easily make an appointment and have someone walk you through the store explaining what you might need. They’ll take you through your home, room by room, explaining the pros and cons of brands and styles alike. Also as if that wasn’t good enough, you can register for personalized gifts! Want wine glasses with your names? Wish granted! You can register for anything personalized, and all your guests have to do is click “purchase.” So easy and stress free!

What to get here? Their wedding registry checklist is a fantastic roadmap for what to scan and what to pass on. Personally, BB&B will be our stop for functional basics, like a new vacuum, linens, and even garbage cans. Also, most people have a Bed Bath & Beyond within driving distance so your guests have the option on shopping in person too in case online isn’t their thing. 🙂

So there you have it friends! My list of the big three for our registries this upcoming year. I love sharing our wedding planning journey with you all and cannot wait for what’s left to come!

Kristin Byrne is a Chicago native and corporate retail professional who has worked in the industry for the past six years. Known to friends and family as KB, she is a lifestyle writer who focuses on being a modern woman. When she’s not wedding planning, you can find her hosting a party or quoting her idol, Leslie Knope. Life-long dream? Meet the REAL Lil’ Sebastian.

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