5 Tips to Travel with Baby

You know by now, I love writing about baby.  It can be a challenge to travel with baby if you’re not prepared.  The first time there are so many unknowns.  I’m going to keep my tips simple.  However, if you want something more in depth, I highly recommend Elizabeth Nord’s 35 tips for travel with baby.  She’s taken 16 flights with Ellie in 10 months!  While I’ve only done it once (so far!), I learned a lot.

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1. Uber to the airport

Yes, this means you need to bring your car seat, but it’s so worth it!  The European belt loop installation with a car seat is ridiculously easy.  Matt found this video, and we both mastered it in about 5 minutes. We have the Nuna Pipa car seat, which I gate checked using our car seat travel backpack from Amazon.  It was so easy to pop her into any car that we ended up canceling our rental car and just ubering where we needed to go the entire trip.

2. Use a carrier in the airport

Once we got to the airport, I transferred Emmie from the car seat into my Boppy ComfyFit Carrier (which you may know is one of my favorite baby products).  Doing so made it super easy to be hands-free and fly through security.  If your little one is not a fan of a carrier, then I’d bring your stroller with you and gate check it.

3. Time feedings with takeoff and landing

Baby’s ears can pop with takeoff and landing so try to time their feeding while it’s happening.  It also helps with naps too because they’re nice and full!  We tried super hard to time her feedings and did pretty well.  One landing, we mistimed it and she did cry for a few minutes on the way down.

4. Pack the essentials & share a suitcase

I’m sure this one seems obvious; however, everyone’s essentials are different.  My biggest recommendation is to pack 5 of his or her favorite toys.  Bring 1-2 blankets you can lay down for playtime or a playmat.  I brought our Lovevery Baby Playmat because it’s engaging, super easy to wash and folds so easily.  Also, share a suitcase so you’re only wheeling 1 piece of luggage around.  Keeping your other hand free to carry things around makes travel with baby so much easier! Clothing-wise, keep it to the basics and if you have access to a washer & dryer, plan to repeat outfits.

5. Stay calm

Travel with baby can certainly get you all worked up.  Remember, they pick up on all of your emotions.  So, if you’re stressed, they’re stressed.

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