I’ve always had a love affair with creation. Since I was a child, I handmade my gifts or combined toys to design something new. Fast forward twenty years, and I’m still making my gifts every holiday and designing new ways to do things.

I’ve forever been the friend you call when you’re trying to brainstorm the best gift or plan the perfect party, and for the longest time, I didn’t give it much thought other than it comes natural to me.

After two floods in our home within a year, I knew it was a sign. I wasn’t sure what it meant but who has multiple home floods within a year due to unrelated circumstances?  It was during our home repair that I gazed at the open walls and destroyed hardwood floors that I thought, “I can rebuild this, and I can share all of the details. I can inspire others by sharing.  This is my calling.” Three chandeliers later, here’s where our story begins.

Jen Herrmann | Founder


Affectionately known to her friends as Millennial Martha for her love of DIY and decorating, Jen’s can’t help but pour her heart + soul into everything she touches. She’s loved to entertain since acquiring a table and chairs, and giving gifts is one of her favorite hobbies. Jen is the creator of The Millennial Martha. Her dream is to share her passions with the world in hopes to inspire others by making the seemingly unattainable attainable.

Suree Pattumma | Assistant


An avid problem solver, Suree loves learning and discovering how to make life easier, and you’ll see her constantly working on multiple projects at once. Interning at The Millennial Martha has acted as a great creative outlet to add to her list of hobbies. On her free time, she enjoys these somewhat random activities: solving computer puzzles, checking out new beauty trends, exploring the city, and watching terrible reality TV.

Paola Guerrero | Assistant


Paola has always been an outside-the-box thinker. Inquisitive and hungry for knowledge, her passion for influencing her community drives her aspiration of becoming a marketer. Full of creativity, curiosity, ambition and grit, she’s always on the lookout for new challenges and adventures. A new place to eat or visit, she loves to explore her city with family and friends. She believes it’s always the right time for a dance party and that chocolate is a daily necessity.