9 Months with Emilia Maeve & Bella Baby Photos

The first 9 months of Emmie’s life has flown by!  It feels like just yesterday we brought her home from the hospital.  While I haven’t started her baby book yet (whoops!), I have been good about getting professional photos taken every 3 months.  Matt & I were thrilled to partner with Bella Baby Photography for her 9-month photos.


Funnily enough, we had Natalie again who did Emmie’s newborn photos!  Such a fun coincidence.  Natalie came to our home on a Sunday morning for photos, which was immensely special since we’ll be moving soon into our new home.  I wanted to capture us at our condo since this is where Emmie was born.

So fun to have Natalie’s newborn photo framed right next to Emmie as she took her 9-month photos.  We had Emmie sit in all of her favorite spots around the house.  She had her hands in her mouth most of the time because she’s been teething like crazy!  Still no teeth yet though.  I swear she’s been teething since 4 months old, and I cannot believe she still doesn’t have her two bottom front teeth!


I love that Natalie captured her teeny baby toes and hands – those arm rolls are too cute, too! Since I haven’t done too many hand and footprints of Emmie, it’s nice to have them captured by photo.  These moments are truly so fleeting and it’s tough to capture each one.


It’s funny because we took Emmie’s newborn photos at home in this exact same spot.  She was swaddled and bundled in our arms.  And now here we are 9 months later with her making us giggle.  Some of my favorite highlights of Emmie during 9-months are:

  • She really got into solids!  Emmie started exploring all kinds of food
  • Emmie started crawling backward and rolling like crazy
  • She started standing while hanging onto our coffee table

Least favorite moments are few and far between, but we survived the world’s WORST diaper rash that left us housebound for days and yet another sleep regression.  Another highlight is also doing our photos with Bella Baby Photography!  Here’s why we like them:

  • They come to your home
  • Bella Baby is super easy to book
  • They offer several package options from digital to physical prints
  • Their quality is always consistent and beautiful
  • Best of all, Bella Baby gets babies!  They’re fast and efficient, which is so important with a little one.

To book your session, head to Bella Baby’s website.  With Emilia, each month continues to get more and more fun.  I can’t wait to see what’s in store for 10 months!

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