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Though we frequently spend time in our own bedrooms, bedrooms can sometimes be overlooked, as guests don’t frequent them often enough, if at all to require that they be held up to the same standard as a living or dining room. That’s why we’re looking at savvy design approaches to get your bedroom on-trend and elevated in style, with on-the-rise ideas for 2019 and beyond.  From clever storage solutions to plays on texture and traditional design styling, here’s some intriguing decorating advice from the interior designers at Décor Aid to take your bedroom to a new level of style.


Though they haven’t trended for well over the past two decades, there’s something to be said about the idyllic sense of romance a beautifully constructed canopy bed can lend any bedroom.  To keep the look of a canopy bed current, look for simple, uncomplicated frames that are more minimal in spirit than an ornate option. And pair it with simple drapes for a timeless take.


Because who doesn’t need extra storage? To make the most out of bedroom space, think about bringing in a bed frame that boasts drawers below it, or a basic frame that sits high enough for you to stow storage boxes underneath.  And when it comes to clever children’s bedroom ideas, a trundle bed with a concealed extra bed will prove essential for sleepovers ad extra guests.


Because any room decorated with a set of matching furniture is sure to come off as a bland and lifeless furniture showroom, be explorative and create a rich and decadent mix of furnishings for a modern take on bedroom interior design trends. To get the look right, source one key anchor piece to help define the design direction of your bedroom, and pair that piece with add-ons and extras that boast a flair for unique design while helping to create a luxuriously layered mix.


Since the furnishings in bedrooms are often straightforward and practical, and as modern bedroom design also often takes its cues from the simplicity of minimalism, bring in visual plays with delightful mixes of textures for tonal interest.

By bringing in juxtaposing textures, you’ll be able to provide your bedroom with intriguing combinations of varying fabrications and finishes that’ll make your bedroom unique to you. Plus, you can easily update the mix as the seasons change.


Similar to plays on texture, going tonal with your color options will work to keep your bedroom minimal in appeal while still full of enviable life nonetheless.

To perfect the look, start with a soothing color you feel like you’ll remain committed to for the long haul and look for complementary shades next to it on the color chart to keep the look consistent and not overwhelming.


Looking for bedroom décor trends that will make your room instantly appear much larger and more luxurious than it really is?

For the ultimate in dramatic statements, our interior designers were quick to point to statement-making floor-to-ceiling drapes lining a wall of faux windows to trick the eye for the ultimate, beneficial trompe l’oeil effect. Plus, this can be done rather inexpensively and should make all the difference.


Long forgotten, we haven’t seen such stylish bedroom vanity sets since the return of Hollywood Regency styling in the mid-to-late-‘80s.  Often petite in size and full of everyday elegance, a beautifully made bedroom vanity set is sure to make your daily morning routine feel all the more effortlessly glamorous.


How cool and unexpected is the antique mirrored headboard featured above? For starters, we love its low-lying design, its timeworn patina, but best of all, the fact that a majority of it is reflective as it’ll be sure to make your bedroom appear larger, brighter, well-judged, and more expensive.

The key here is to source a headboard that boasts an interesting yet timeless design so it won’t come off as dated or too much of a bold design leap. And when it comes to pairing furnishings with a unique headboard, keep everything on the simpler, Scandinavian-inspired side so the mix feels contemporary and fuss-free.


Much like bedroom furnishings, lighting is often unfortunately overlooked, and for no real good reason at all. After all, your bedroom should be considered your own intimate oasis and good lighting approaches should be paramount in keeping the room feel cozy, and inviting.

To master bedroom lighting, consider having three sources including dimmable ceiling lights, table lamps, and lighting elements that shine light up for a varied sense of illusion. And spread all of your lighting options around evenly to avoid dark zones or ones that are too bright and concentrated.


While keeping bedroom décor on the simpler, minimal and classic side is essential to get the most out of your time and investment, do add decadent and whimsical elements throughout your bedroom for a dramatic and beautifully realized statement.

Take note of the sheer decadence of the bedroom featured above. Sure, altogether there may be a lot going on visually, however, there’s an undeniable richness and layered quality to the mix that boasts an unmissable take on serious glamor.


Floating shelves are chic ways to highlight your most cherished and stylish collections while taking zero floor space – making it a clever approach to adding personality in even the smallest of bedrooms.  Keep the look light and decorate your shelving unit with well-coordinated objects and decorative extras.


With bedroom storage always a major concern for our clients, there’s plenty of beautifully designed storage ottomans available on the market that will discreetly conceal what you want to be stowed away in a beautiful unit that will also provide extra seating and comfort to boot.

Affectionately known to her friends as Millennial Martha for her love of DIY and decorating, Jen can’t help but pour her heart + soul into everything she touches. She’s loved to entertain since acquiring a table and chairs, and giving gifts is one of her favorite hobbies. Jen is the creator of Girl Meets Party. Her dream is to share her passions with the world in hopes to inspire others by making the seemingly unattainable attainable.

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