Will You Be My Bridesmaid?

One of my favorite parts of my engagement and wedding planning has been asking my close friends to stand up with me on the big day.. Pre-engagement, I had aspirations to do an elaborate “Will you be my bridesmaid” proposal,…

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Best Summer Reads | Novels of the 1920s

Transport Yourself to 1920s France with the Fitzgeralds, the Hemingways, and the Murphys The Lost Generation artists and their eccentric lives have always fascinated me. There is something about Ernest Hemingway’s blunt manliness, Scott and Zelda Fitzgerald’s flair for drama,…

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Our Pre-Baby Bucket List

I’ve had a rough go with my pregnancy from constant sickness to migraines.  To celebrate the days instead of count the ailments, we made a pre-baby bucket list ticking away the days until baby.  Plus, it helps us to celebrate…

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